Today, we are going to the 70s-80s era. This was one of the all-time hits of Raaja. You will see an awesome mix of several instruments in this sequence: right from drums, trumpets, guitar and flute, although, the clear highlight will be the bass-guitar. ராஜா பூந்து ஆடியிருப்பார், கிடார்ல. Some of you may be able to identify it quickly. It’s one of those songs that is in continuous-loop, whenever I play it :-). Good luck.

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Answer:Nenjukkul Poo Manjangal Nee Itta Neram (நெஞ்சுக்குள் பூ மஞ்சங்கள் நீ இட்ட நேரம்) from :Saatai Illadha Pambaram (சாட்டை இல்லாத பம்பரம்) (1979).

Kudos to @rozavasanth and @KMathan for identifying it correctly.