Carnatic(1/365), then Western(2/365), but this is an idyllic, rustic, melodic composition. There is something very special in this sequence that I am bowled over, from the time of its release in the late 1990s. Be it the modest beginning with the guitar, followed by one set of group violins in bass mode in the background and the racing violins in the foreground, Raaja plays with serene emotions by gradually adding his tabla, step-by-step, for an ultimate experience. The bass is gracious and so is the presence of the flute, which poetically stays in the background so as to not dominate. Whenever I close my eyes and listen to this sequence, I feel like I am in Courtallam (குற்றாலம்) Thenkaasi (தென்காசி) area. For many, this may remind of the numerous bus journeys they may have taken, or even the pastural (வயக்காட்டு) visuals of the yonder. Yes, I am addicted to this track 🙂

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Answer:Naan Vaakapattu (நான் வாக்கப்பட்டு) from :Desiya Geetham (தேசிய கீதம்) (1998).

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