First of all, I must thank Jega (@NaanIllai) for preparing these charts and graphs, based on his own data crunching, as well as the Perl reports I generated for regular ranking. He is one of the best examples of the kind of audience #365RajaQuiz had. Being motivated by what was going on at #365RajaQuiz, he voluntarily stepped up to assist with spreadsheet analyses, collation of clues for others to enjoy it more. He even created a playlist at saavn. I must also thank Manivel(@manivel) for volunteering to help in this arena, early on.

Thanks, Jega and Manivel.

List of 365 songs/scores featured in #365RajaQuiz

All scorers Graph – From the beginning, till the end

Graph and Data for all the scorers

Season-1 (1/365 to 100/365) Graph

Season-1 (1/365 to 100/365) Graph and Data

Season-2 (101/365 to 200/365) Graph

Season-2 (101/365 to 200/365) Graph and Data

Season-3 (201/365 to 300/365) Graph

Season-4 (301/365 to 365/365) Graph

#365RajaQuiz vis-a-vis Maestro Ilaiyaraaja’s Discography