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This is one of the excellent Carnatic-Classical based song of the early 1990s from Ilaiyaraaja. As many IR fans are fans of Veena too, I wanted it to set the stage on an auspicious note. More than the usual spiritual gift the Veena interludes bring with them, watch out for the extreme romance imbued in it as well. But, the best part is, Raaja would have given equal importance to (1) Veena, (2) Flute, and (3) Group Violins in this amazing sequence.

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Answer: Movie: உன்னை வாழ்த்தி பாடுகிறேன் (Unnai Vaazhthi Paadugiren) and the song is ஒரு ராகம் தராத வீணை (Oru Raagam Tharaadha Veenai). It was such a mesmerizing melody in 1992. This movie also had 3 other fantastic hits. Witness K.J. Yesudoss and S. Janaki joining Ilaiyaraaja’s magic here: ஒரு ராகம் தராத வீணை

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