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Here comes the “trap” clues for the season. For today and tomorrow, only one chance to answer the clue will be in effect. So, please verify your answer before sending the entry 🙂

Also, if the answer is published for this 135/365, you’ll easily answer 136/365. So, what I am going to do is to not publish today’s answer, but, will stop accepting answers after 136/365 clue goes live.

You may wonder, why suddenly these changes are planned for these 2 clues alone.

Well, hear the clue and you’ll go in a tizzy. Time to time, we inject some fun in our quiz to mislead the minds.

Enjoy today’s and tomorrow’s. Send your answers leisurely. Remember, once 136/365 goes live, I won’t accept answers for 135/365 🙂

Both answers will be published when 137/365 goes live.

All of you are very smart and challenging. So, there’s a high chance that you may easily fool me and make me look clueless with your correct answers.

Or will you prove me right? Let’s see. I am as eager as you folks are.

Wish you the best 🙂

Please leave your answers below in the COMMENTS section with your Twitter handle/username. For other discussions on Twitter, please use hashtag #365RajaQuiz.

Clue: Please try to figure out the answer sincerely as the posted audio is the clue and hint you will ever need. But, if you need one more lifeline, then just select the box below,with your mouse, between the double-quotes to view the additional hint:

This is a duet song, featuring one of the super heroes, whose offspring is one of the leading actors today.

NB: Enjoy the Continuous Play of all the clues so far.

Answer: Poonthendralum (பூந்தென்றலும் ) from Pagalil Pournami (பகலில் பவுர்ணமி) (1990)