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Alright, it’s time to rock and roll. Although small, yet, today is special as we reach our first milestone of 25/365 🙂 Thanks, everybody, for sustained interest and zest.

This will be an easy, peppy, rap-style, rock-and-roll that Raaja doled out in the 90s. Besides the brilliance of the peppy beats and guitars, this song was also known for its stylish, provocative lyrics. Once again, check his variation with the Sax and Clarinets, even as he takes us on a jaunt with percussion and guitars. Perfect song for a long-drive 🙂 Enjoy this track and breeze your way through 🙂

Please leave your answers below in the COMMENTS section with your Twitter handle/username. For other discussions on Twitter, please use hashtag #365RajaQuiz.

Clue: Please try to figure out the answer sincerely as the posted audio is the clue and hint you will ever need. But, if you need one more lifeline, then just select the box below,with your mouse, between the double-quotes to view the additional hint:

The protagonist of this movie was a Police Officer!

Answer: Kaaturen Kaaturen (காட்டுறேன் காட்டுறேன்) from Honest Raj (ஹானஸ்ட் ராஜ்) (1994).