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Clearly, past two clues were received very enthusiastically, although many felt they were easy. After those two 80s numbers, it is time to move to the 90s. Here is an awesome, melodic, duet song that starts with a fast percussion beat. The same saxophone that we saw for a vengeful sequence yesterday is used for a romantic theme today. Watch for how the sax and percussion slow-down as though a flight is landing in a runway. It progressively slows down from 26 sec marker.

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Clue: Please try to figure out the answer sincerely as the posted audio is the clue and hint you will ever need. But, if you need one more lifeline, then just select the box below,with your mouse, between the double-quotes to view the additional hint:

This song is a first-night song.
Movie’s protagonist is a woman, who flees from men!

Answer: Oru Kootil (ஒரு கூட்டில் ) from Kolangal (கோலங்கள்) (1995).