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I am sure, yesterday’s horror song clue was enjoyable to many of you, as I came to know from DM and private messages. Let us have a thriller BGM for today. You certainly ought to go back to that period to appreciate the finesse of this BGM track. As I tweeted a few hours ago, this track was mailed to me 13 years ago by another Isaignani Ilaiyaraaja fan like you :-). His name was Mr. MSK.

You would have certainly heard this track from a movie, which had an impressive casting by a famous Director of that period. Let’s focus on the track itself. It is an amazing piece of guitar and simple triple-drums! You will see how beautifully Raaja adds the rhythm, slowly, but, steadily as the track starts. An eerie orchestration catches-up and around the 48-second marker, you will see him add more drums and what a feast it is, when he decorates even further with those guitars at 1:13 marker. Throughout, we hear his specialty bass-guitars. And what a brilliant finish, when he slows the tempo to an absolute stop from 1:36 marker onwards. It is as though a flight that took-off had just landed 🙂

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Here is another BGM track from the same movie, to help crack 🙂

Clue: Some people told me privately, to not give clues, so as to not discourage them from attempting. I think they have a valid point. So, let us try this. Please try to figure out the answer sincerely as the posted audio is the clue and hint you will ever need. But, if you need one more lifeline, then just select the box below,with your mouse, between the double-quotes to view the additional hint:

This Director is a long-time friend of Maestro Ilaiyaraaja!

Answer: Tick..Tick..Tick by Director Bharathiraaja.

Track 1

(Click here to go directly to 11:55 marker for BGM)

Track 2

(Click here to go directly to 11:06 marker for BGM)