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Thanks for all the interest and support. Clearly 12/365 was so popular (so far), it made many crave for the answer and so we had it published earlier than usual. Today, it is Friday, August 10th. But, it is “Friday the 13th” for us. This song is from one of the hit-movies, that clearly made news for many reasons. I chose this BGM because for its eeriness. Trust me, when I saw this movie (only once so far) in Coimbatore, many people shouted in horror :), thanks in part to the stereophonic sound system. If you pay attention to the genre and the sounds — the thunder and the guitar accompaniments — and the first-class finish with an eerie flute, you will crack this clue in no time. Ending of this BGM will also help you to hum your way to the answer 🙂 All the songs in this movie were hits, including this one.

Have a nice weekend!

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Answer: Uruguthey Idhayame (உருகுதே இதயமே) from 100vathu Naal(100வது நாள்) (1984).

This was clearly one of the trend-setter movies for Crime, Paranormal thrillers that even produced a death-row convict Auto Shankar, whose case went all the way up to the Supreme Court of India.