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Hat-trick! We are in the 80s for today too, but, obviously we are moving forward 🙂 Today, Raaja’s creative-mischief is in full display with this clue. Veena is a traditional, divine, and auspicious instrument that receives utmost attention. But, here is an innovative Raaja, who would have used every bit of creativity in making the Veena keep up with his guitars and keyboards, for a not-so-divine and not-so-traditional setup. There is certainly a ராஜ-போதை (stupor) the way a solo-Veena and Guitars meander in this sequence 🙂 Who could have thought about using it this way? And one cannot stop wondering, how each instrument neatly segues towards the finish-line! There lies the creativity of the Maestro.

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Answer: Uthama Puthiri Naanu (உத்தம புத்திரி நானு) from Guru Sishyan(குரு சிஷ்யன்) (1988).

இந்தப் பாடலை நல்ல bass உள்ள speakers/headphonesல் கேட்டு பாருங்கள், அப்போது இந்த பாட்டில் ராஜாவின் துள்ளல் இசைச் சேர்ப்பை இன்னும் அழகாக உணர முடியும்.