This song greeted the Tamil film lovers of early 1980s, in its inimitable style. It became an instant hit with Ceylon Radio and All India Radio, filling in the airwaves all the time. The youthfulness and romance imbued in this song can be felt with every single piano and guitar notes, besides the violins that tease our senses. Ending of this track is precisely the way it started with the same piano, which is not too common a technique that Raaja uses. Works perfectly for this romantic song as an interlude. I know there are lots of 70s/80s Raaja fans, who may seize on this track, but, am keeping my fingers crossed 🙂

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Answer: Varuvaai Anbe, Tharuvaai Onru (வருவாய் அன்பே, தருவாய் ஒன்று) from Garjanai (கர்ஜனை) (1981).

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